Having trouble meeting girls my age, tips?

I should point out first and foremost that i'm not a lonely hermit who doens't leave the house. I have a few hobbies but my situation is a bit different than most people my age:

I recently graduated uni and moved back home with my parents (in the middle of no-where) since then i've been working full time. In my spare time i play gutiar (and take guitar lessons) and take dance classes (Salsa and Bachata for anyone that's curious)

However my problem is that none of my hobbies i actually meet SINGLE girls my age. In Salsa yes there are a lot fo girls, but a vast majoirty of them are middle aged, which is fine for just general chatting to when dancing. But not who i want to hang around with. And when there is a person my age they always have a boyfriend (either in toe or just generally)

Guitar lessons are private lessons so other than my teacher don't meet anyone. I work in a very small company (there are 15 people in the office max) the 3 youngest people there are 28,28 and 21 respectivley, 2 of them are girls (one is lesibian and the other has a boyfriend) the other is a guy, i don't like the company of guys much nowadays, but he also has a boyfriend. They all live a fair distance from the office and therefore me

I don't drink really anymore (recovering from depression so i don't take the risk of having a breakdown) so i don't go to pubs. I despise clubs in general so don't go there

I'm on Dating sites, but never have any luck. I can't even get a friends with benefits thing goign as all sites require you to pay for messages.

I can't really pickup another hobby as i don't have the time. I do occasionally horse ride though

Anyway any tips would be great, sorry for wall of text

i actually don't meet*


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  • You just aren't available at the moment. You have things going on and you'll definitely find a girl. You are very interesting and seem to have a round life. Meaning you aren't dull or just a regular guy. A girl will absolutely fall for you given the right time in your life. It'll happen. I know it. And are you an English or Western rider? I ride both but lean toward English.

    • I'm not a skilled rider but i believe it's English style (seeing as how i'm from the UK) and FYI i've NEVER had a girlfriend only been on 2 dates in my life time, and didn't have a 'first kiss' till i was 20

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    • No im still only trotting... ill only be going every few weeks its expensive. Posture is very straight and tall if that helps

    • I feel like I'm hogging space by typing in this question so much! That's great! Make sure your post is right in rhythm. Butt up when the outside front leg steps and butt down when the inside front leg steps if that makes sense. Keep your heels down as far as possible especially with sitting trot. I can give you more advice if you want. Just pop me a message!

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  • First off, you got to know yourself. Who are you? And then, what you're looking for,

    If you're just looking to meet girls your age, it's easy. You walk around where there are people, and when you see a girl your age, you say hello. If you're in the middle of nowhere, and there aren't any women your age, nothing will work. Magic doesn't exist.

    Go to shopping places, coffee shops, whatever. And talk talk talk. Get yourself banned from a few places, because you're bothering the customers. Get that attitude.

    And dating sites, just go to the free ones. pof, okcupid, stuff like that. Women don't pay for that either.

    Don't change your hobbies or activities. Whenever you see a hot female you like, shout out to her.

    • Already on OKCupid an POF, not much luck on either, In the UK people don't really talk to each other in shops unless they came with them

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    • Its something i dont expect you to understsnd but i never feel im good enough to go out busking. Or even just perform in public. And the electric is a problem how are they gonna hear me otherwise?

    • They are going to notice you. People notice. They don't have to hear. If they can see something in the horizon working with some object, they will notice. It's our nature.

      I do understand. I used to be the most shy, introverted person ever. You would never believe. Got a degree in mathematics! Trust me, those people are weird! I'm weird, and afraid, and not smooth. But it got to the point, I didn't care about whether I lived or died. I was staring into the abyss. And when you are really looking into it, you ask yourself, what could happen? What if I am an obnoxious a**hole? What if I tell the very attractive girl sipping her coffee that I think she's hot? Maybe she complains. Maybe I get kicked out of the store. But I won't get arrested. It's still not illegal to talk to strangers, just frowned upon. So I tried it. And got spectacular results.

      These days, I can get laid any night I want. Having a relationship, that's hard. That, I still don't understand.

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  • Your options are exhausted. Best start approaching women you find attractive whenever you come across one. Good luck.