How can I avoid him to lose interest?

General things to do.


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  • -Make sure you both see each other on a regular basis
    -Make sure the both of you keep contact with each other (the days you aren't seeing one another) ---send texts, call, or online chat.
    -Send photos of yourself in a cute outfit to attract his attention.

    Just pretty much show you are into him.
    If he reciprocates then he has the same interest you do.


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  • Ask him to do activities with each other, things you never did. like adventures

  • By not playing hard to get

  • do you think you might have done something (inadvertently or not) to make him think you're not interested in him?

    • We were arguing and right now we are in a LDR.

    • arguing doesn't necessarily lead to loss of interest. was it a heated argument? if you dont mind us asking, what was it about?

    • I tries to push him away (not the first time) because I think that he can find someone else a better fit but I ended saying hurtful things.

  • Exercise, and always make sure you're in good shape.

    Cook for him.

    Give him spontaneous blowjobs without expecting anything in return.

    Give him massages.

    Surprise him with tickets to his favorite sporting event (s).

    Understand that sometimes silence is ok, and be content with just sitting with him.

    Don't obsess when he doesn't reply fast, and don't do the "Well he isn't replying fast, so I won't either" thing.

    Don't think you deserve to be treated like a princess, or compare him to movies. This is real life, and you aren't a princess.

    Don't expect to always have his full attention, especially when he's doing something he loves.

    Communicate what you actually want, and don't be vague about anything if you're going to get upset when he doesn't do what you secretly wanted.

    Ask him about his fantasies and see if you can help him play them out.

    Be overall loving, and never play mind games with him.



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