Dating a girl hung up on her Ex. What can I do to save this one?

I've been dating a girl for a couple of months, things were going really really well, chemistry was great etc. She went on holiday to Europe and I recieved a text when she was away totally out of the blue, saying he was still hung up on her ex and couldnt move on just now even though she wants to. We had been texting a bit on holiday and things seemed to be going well, she would even text me first at times. I am absolutlely gutted and dont know what to do. I asked her friend (who is a guy) who said that she had told him on return that there was no chemistry between us. He says i shouldn't wait and did say her and her ex might get back together, although he honestly doesn't know if they have even been speaking. I haven't spoken to her since she came back (1 week) but I did say to her when she was away how much I liked her and all that chat in response to her text. I know i should try move on and leave it, but i have been on many dates and i'm convinced this girl is the one. My plan is to leave it 2/3 weeks and text her again and see how things go from there. Hopefully get round to hers for a chat and turn up with a bouquet of flowers. Any help would be much appreciated! :)


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  • Never be the second choice, as much as you like her it would be better if you decided to move on. There isn't any rules about leaving texts up to a certain amount of weeks etc. You can't win her if her heart isn't ready, however she will move on if she's ready, but don't just be waiting around, you have to create your own happiness for yourself!


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  • Dude i am not reading the description, dont date that girl

    She will end up cheating on you with her ex... just go leave her


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  • Yeah, I couldn't read all of that; but the question content alone, is a red flag.
    Move on with someone who is emotionally available.


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