I was really attracted to him on the first date, but didn't feel attracted to him on the second date?

What do you do when you're unsure if you're attracted to the guy you're seeing or not?

So on the first date I was really attracted to him and I even kissed him, but on the second date I wasn't really attracted to him and im obviously very confused... I dont know what to do, I mean I turned him down when he kissed me... I was Just not feeling it. ..


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  • You can't help it, I would just tell him now that you're not really feeling it. I mean at the end of the day he might feel a little led on, but there's reasons why people go on a couple dates and don't jump into dating right away! It sucks, but be true to yourself!

    • So I shouldn't go on a third date and see if im still not feeling it? he's obviously very into me.. And I wasn't really after anything serious because im moving soon in addition meeting guys is very difficult for me...

    • If you're just looking for fun then continue with it however... if he's wanting more you're obviously not down to do the long distance thing especially if you're not feeling it. SO just to be safe, if you want go on a third!

    • im giving him a second chance... i mean he isn't unattractive and he's a great guy... but i can only imagine how confused me might be.. i mean i kissed him day and another day im not interessted in kissing him anymore.

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