I want to have a more serious friendship with this guy I met 4 mos ago but?

but I dont know how to do it? I mean he has given me signals and hints he likes me we had only been on a first date we made out passionately he initiate the kissing, he told me to hug him tight, he had shared with me info about his personal life, among other things, he had complimented me on my look, he likes the way I dress, and we talked about going on a second date but we had nto set date or time yet, and now I can't talk to him or text him becaue he is in Europe and he returns until mid August, and he never told me he was going on this trip I found out through my cousins Facebook page, but he does not move ahead and I dont move ahead either waiting for him to make more moves toward me so I know he is interested.

ANy ideas or input on this?


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  • It does not sound by what you said he was that interested or he would have told you he was going away on the trip, rather than letting you find out through your cousin's facebook.

    • Some people told me that maybe it was a guy thing and he did not want to share he was going to this trip to anyone, maybe just his direct family. I say this becaues my cousin neither share the news with anyone either, just his direct family. This guy I assume believes I dont know he is on this trip. Also the trip is only guys, as this guy went with 2 of his best friends since high school, one who coincidently is my cousin. He never mentioned me anything the times we had texted before this trip took place. My cousin and the guy had had some reasons not to tell some people about this trip.

      On the photos my cousin had posted on FB about the European trip, he is the only one on the pic, not the guy I like and the other guy. ALso my cousin or the guy I like never mentioned they were going on a trip through Facebook. I found out about this trip by accident for a comment my cousin made but he made at another persons FB, because in my cousin FB before starting posting pics of the trip,

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    • Why u think so? He retiurms until mid augsut

    • He doesn't communicate with you much, and he didn't tell you he was going away. He didn't care enough to tell you. That is why.

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