If you've ever been on a good first date, why didn't you go for a second?

This is a question guys ask all the time. They meet a girl for the first time, their first date is wonderful, amazing, and they say the chemistry is right on track. Yet the next day or so they text, call, or whatever and she doesn't respond. Post your reasons for why you didn't want one? Were there things you didn't want to say you didn't like? This is a common one for guys so I want to see what happens "behind the scenes" so to say.

If you're guy and this has happened to you. Share your experiences.

If you're a girl and you decided against another date. Share your reasons why. Were there things that really bothered you that you weren't telling him? Were you just faking the whole time? Was he just thinking things were amazing while you saw differently?

This is for dates that seemed amazing yet a 180 occured.


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  • Hahahah funny question. If the first date is good there will be a second.

    • That's always what I figure so I can see why a guy would ask such a question when things seemed so well.

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