I hate being single?

I know I'm pretty young but I see all these people my age in long term, good loving relationships and I want that so bad. It's so hard to find the nice guys or ones that actually want a relationship and would treat me right. I don't want to settle but I want to find that one person. I've been played a lot so I stopped looking. I just wish I could find someone nice and I don't know what to do becuase I hate being alone? I don't think anythings wrong with me and I just don't know how all these girls have an abundance of guys chasing them when not even one person wants me? I would say I'm outgoing and not shy at all and I'm not very ugly, also I'm really athletic.. I don't know what to do becuase I just hate this and I want to find one of the good ones but you know, it never happens ):


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  • Honestly, I would wait. I know it sounds nice to be in a relationship but relationships are much more complex than we think. The right guy will come along I promise you. Don't look at other people, it's better to enjoy your youth when you're young. You have a whole lifetime to find love.