Things were going great with this girl until she found out I knew this girl she also knew?

things were going good and i felt a good connection had been established with her and she seemed really into me and attracted to me. but i only really knew her from the bar and obvovusly i know other people and meet some other people she knew who are also part of that scene. but i also meet an attractive younger girl who works at a restaurant i go to and she knows her well. we all ran into each other at the bar and the 2 girls didn't seem to know yet that i knew them both and had been trying to date the one girl. that night i had talked to each serpately but at some point they ran into each other and clued in.
they sort of disappeared to washroom and must of talked about me , then disappeared to dance floor and danced with each other. i had allready told the one i might leave early cause i had to work next day so i just left and haven't talked to either since , the one i had wanted to date seemed most annoyed about this and had no clue i knew the other girl too and maybe jealous cause she is very attractive.

anyways i don't know how to proceed or what to say next to them? should i suggest all 3 of us hang out as we all know each other or would that be too akward? or just focus on one?


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  • as i told u in another question u should focus on da one u met on a beach... u have more chances wid her

    • there was more of an age diff with one from beach though and she had just broken up with her boyfriend a few days before I meet her from what I heard so I'm not sure about it. she did seem like she liked me though

    • Oh i guess she needs a few weeks to get over him at least till she stars dating again... so better remain friends wid her ;)

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