Hanging out with my ex? good idea or bad idea? where shall we go?

Hey, so this holiday season I hope to chill with my ex boyfriend. We did not date a long time but we were GOOD friends for 6 months prior to confessing the feelings we had for each other. However, we were together for 1.5 months and he broke up with me because his life was a mess/drug habits...but I suggested we become friends and we still talk sometimes. Anyway, I haven't seen him since the breakup with occurred almost 2 months ago (BUT I HAVE talked to him). I hope to hang out with him this holiday season as friends. Is this a bad idea? and what do you guys recommend we do/chill,and should we invite a 3rd party to join us?


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  • Seenas this was a relatively short relationship, I think it's not such a bad idea. Meet somewhere public for sure, go have a coffee and see how he's doing. You could ask a third party, but if you guys were comfortable as friends then there should really be no problem.


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