This other girl came and cried to me?

A week ago my boyfriend started talking to this girl cuz she added him on facebook. Then she wanted to meet him so they went to a movie. I found out 2 days ago. He said it's just socializing in a friendly way and nothing more. I said I consider that as cheating and I'm not okay with that. He called her to tell her he won't be seeing her anymore because he has a girlfriend. Just today an unknown number called me and it was that girl. She cried to me on the phone about how much she likes him and that she's falling for him and asked me to please let them talk and meet each other at least one last time. Wtf what do I do now? What's going on what should I do now I'm lost I have no idea.


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  • Leave him that's ridiculous he gave her that right of way. Now look what he got you into. Yes cheating.

    • He swear they didn't have any sexual contact but I insisted that is cheating he doesn't have to have sex with her to be considered as cheating. He cried a lot and said he would never do it again and called to end it with her so I forgave him... Now this girl is calling wtf do I do with this girl now? :( ...

    • Honestly he got you guys into this mess the best thing is to kick him out of your life. That's a lie that he didn't. Cheat and another why would he study at his house with her they can go to a library. Think smart about this situation don't let him real you in.

  • WTF! How did she get your number? You need to dump this guy, I think he's been leading this girl on.

    • I was wondering how she have my number too :/ The only explanation I can come up with is she looked through his phone. According to him they only know each other for a week and met once, so they're pretty much strangers then it doesnmt make sense why she would be going through his phone. And yes, he admitted to me that he doesn't like this girl but lead her on. However, he called and ended with her and he cried a lot and said he's sorry etc. so I did forgave him... :(

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    • I don't see the point of them meeting. She obviously just wants to try to convince him to choose her.

    • I see okay I'll block this number. Thanks :)

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