Should I keep trying with her?

there's a girl i liked and i managed to take her out once for a short time on some event. I texted her almost everyday but it bothered me that i was always the one keeping the conversetion alive, if ill stop talking the conversetion is over (almost everyone is like that with me i dont know why).
I tried to ask her out after again and again and there was always the same reason, "im busy" so i took it as a no and tried to keep going. Now its summer time and we haven't talked since summer started and i still have lots of feelings towards her, im thinking about her and she had a Bday not long ago so i decided to write her and we talked a little. Should i try to talk and arrange something with her again or should i just accept it?


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  • You seem to like her a lot. I believe if someone wants you to be part of their life then they'll make an obvious effort to put you in it. You were the one putting all of the effort in, so now it's time to see if she will chase you. The only way to know if she cares as much as you do... is to not contact her, if she cares she will notice if she doesn't she won't :-)

    • But I'm the one who always contacts
      She talk and she cool with me but I'm always the one who starts the contact

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    • Aww you seem so nice... don' t feel too down- hearted if she doesn' t , you deserve someone who will make an effort to be with you.

    • Thanks for MHO!

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  • No, you should not.


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