What do I do about this girl who seems into me one minuet and not the next?

I've known this girl for awhile but she was dating a guy then they broke up I started messaging her and sometimes she would reply and Sometimes she wouldn't. I met up with her a bar and we have a good time.
Next weekend go out with her and her friends have fun then when her friends leave her and I hang in the parking lot and she says she feels bad for drinking and starts to cry cuz says she drinks to much and kinda opens up to me, the I cheer her up she says she wants to hang again and tells me how nice I am. Then texts me saying she likes to hanging out with me. Throughout the week she randomly likes my Facebook pics as such but doesn't try and contact me.
I call her on the 4th of July and she says she isn't sure what she's gonna do, then posts asking what everyone is doing which upsets me. I don't say anything and we don't hang.
I call her the next week and ask her to hang out.
We went out on Sunday and during dinner her ex texted her some rude things and she was upset. I managed to cheer her up and make her laugh. When we departed she hugged me tight and said we should hang out again. I called her two days later and she didn't answer and I haven't heard from her since. What should I do? Thanks all!


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  • You should forget about her. She is clearly unstable.


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