How do I know if this is real?

How do I know im falling for the right guy? So there this guy that really likes me, i really like him... Whats a "check list" i should think of... Anything helps... by the way im not saying he's a bad guy, or anything... Just thinking long run...


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  • You sound like the girl that Katherine Heigl plays on the movie "The Ugly Truth." To be honest, any girl that has a checklist will freak most guys out! I mean sure their are some things to take into consideration but if the feeling is there that should be the only thing that matters.

    • I mean should i care if he has a job... He said he wanted to wait to make things official, but wanted to wait till he got a job... Probably should've mentioned that above..

    • What kind of official are we talking about here? Just officially dating does mean your stuck with him forever. Yes having a job/career is an important attribute i'll give you that, but you shouldn't turn him down because he does' t have one quite yet. Also, you should be able to tell how driven and dedicated he is which will tell you if he is going to be successful or not.

  • Just go with your instincts it is a natural process not a shopping list.

    • I know its not a shopping list... Check my response to the answer above...

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