Girls, is this a bad sign? I need a woman's perspective please?

I went on a date with this girl, and throughout the entire evening we held hands and were pretty touchy. She never seemed to push away from most physical contact I gave her.

When I arrive at her house, I asked her for a kiss and she laughed and said "ok, only a small one" this is the part that I don't get, was she not that into me if she just wanted a small kiss?

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Can any woman answer?


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  • She likes you but doesn't want to go too fast. My first date ever, I was so nervous about my first kiss I didn't let him kiss me because I was so shy and nervous but instead he kissed my cheek when I told him, which was sweet. Either that or she's playing hard to get but I think she really just wants to take it slow until you get to know each other more and feel more comfortable. Ask her out again and if she says yes then you know your answer :)


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  • She's obviously into you but lots of girls dont want to kiss right away because we want to get to know you more first, kissing is generally more intimate for us and we dont do it with just anyone

  • She doesn't want a kiss on the first date.

  • Pretty sure she's just being coy. No need to read so much into everything!

  • Lol the girl was trying to be cute lmao chill

  • I believe she is into you. She just doesn't want to rush things.


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