Women, do you care if a guy that you find morbidly unattractive is confident and has a "light up the room" Personality, kept himself up, etc?

I ask because there's so many people out there claiming that if a guy is confident, keeps himself up, and has a good personality, etc, that he can get any woman he wants guaranteed. So would you women care about the guy having a great personality and confidence if you could barely stand to look at him? Also why does everybody say that confidence and personality matters most when none of those 2 things can get you in the door, so looks matter more because you can't get through the door without them. You have to be able to get a chance to show your confidence an personality and you can't if you're unattractive to women.
Its funny how so far only guys answered lol.


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  • Looks can get you in the door but won't lead you to the bedroom if you lack confidence and charisma. I personally find "pretty boys" unattractive.

    • Well confidence isn't needed for sex, just good looks

    • Boy are you wrong. If you are handsome but then just lay there like a log and are too shy and self-conscious to even more a finger, how is that good sex?

    • I know because I never had confidence even though women have told me I did good in the bedroom... sexual arousal has nothing to do with confidence.

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  • The truth?

    No they don't. Looks matter bruh, and everyne knows it. Your job matter too, and good ol mythbusters were kind enough to prove it (look up episode 220, "laws of attraction".

    Don't beleive everything the world tells you to sound politically correct. Because she WILL go for the attractive guy. why? Because of the element called "sexual attraction" won't be there.
    And the truth is; before you even say a word, you are judged for how you look. Which proves that "yes, looks matter. It will determine their initial opinion, and who they chose to approach".

    Feel free to thumb me down now for not beig PC


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  • I wouldn't date someone who I wasn't attracted to. Looks usually matter most initially, but how well two personalities click is also very, very important.

    Being unattractive is hard for both genders. That's why hot girls and guys can get away with being shitty or uninteresting; their looks can make up for their personalities. If you're not the best looking, then it's only logical to raise your desirability by being a good person, being ambitious, working on your body, having a good clothing style, etc.

    I really think there's someone out there for everyone, though. Keep being a good person and try not to lose hope.

  • I think you make a interesting and valid point. Looks do get you in the door and a chance to show your personality and confidence. I think a lot of people and society put a lot of emphasis on looks, that when they find someone unattractive they don't care enough to give the person the time to show their personality & confidence.

    The reason why people say personality & confidence matter is cuz they dont want someone who has a bad attiude, or boring, or moody & so on. It can be hard to socialize, let alone be in a relationship with someone like that. Not saying this to be mean or anything. Actually, I think that no matter if ur attractive or not, your personality & confidence can make u attractive.

    I'm the type person who likes to meet new people. I've met & seen guys who women don't find attractive & get girls cuz of their personality & confidence, such as the guy was funny. Also, there are guys I met who I became friends with, who I thought I never be romantically attractive to. I mean I liked them as a friend & who they are but it turned out that cuz some of the guys personalites & confidence, it changed my mind & eventually i became attracted to them. This goes to show that looks aren't eveything. :)

    The truth is like @ninetynine said there's someone for everyone and just keep being u. Plus u don't want someone who relys completely on looks. There are girls out there who are gonna like u for you. :) Your not alone on how u feel cuz some women feel like this too. Just remember that just cuz ur not a person's type, doesn't mean ur not someone else type. We live in a huge world where eveyone has different personalities and interests, so not everyone relys on looks & certain qualities :)

    • Sorry for the long reply lol Hope it helps though. :)

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  • Agree, if not given a chance how can you shine

    • Yea that's for sure.

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    • guys? try seeing what the "disney princess syndome" (as i like to call it) do to women. Everyone can be a princess and, and prince charming will come along. Riiiiiiight XD

    • There so many hidden messages in those movies O. o

      Out of curiosity when did you start to question this?

      I realized looked matter at 14

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