Do white women have the favor?

Are white woman genrally seen at the MOST attractive? I always feel like that is the case... like a man would chose a white woman as a trophy wife (she can be even more unattractive then the black woman) befor ehe chooses a ethnic woman? Be honest..


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  • It seems that way on GAG but you have to remember that most people on this site are probably white themselves. But generally speaking, whites do control the media so they usually influence what's hot and what's not. Personally I find more beautiful women among Asians and Latinas than blacks or whites. It may just be because they are more exotic because I'm more used to seeing whites and blacks... who knows. I'm gonna create a poll to break down the racial make up of GAG and post it in this opinion.


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  • Ah, race questions again.
    You have to understand that every guy is different, they have different taste. So, I don't think any race have the favour

    -Some guys love white women and prefer only them.
    -Some guys love white women as much as they love women of other races and some guys aren't into white women.

    Some love White women, some love Black women, Some love Asians, etc.

    As simple as that, don't worry. I'm pretty sure there are many guys who finds you attractive.


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  • No I don't think so. There are other women like latinas and Asians who look much better than whites.

  • Most men find light skinned women attractive as compared to dark skinned and since white women are the lightest they are considered more attractive. This does not mean that all white women are attractive or all other women are unattractive. Other features matter a lot.

  • Race really has nothing to do with whether I am attracted to a women.

  • Yup, white people are more attractive. Deal with it.


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