How can I redeem myself?

Well me and this guy have been talking for a couple months. Things started off great and he really liked me. He has a newborn daughter and he told me he wanted to take things slow, but I guess at the time I didn't understand. Things got kind of rough, and well, since then we've been about sex and I had a problem with that.

I I was guilty of "texting terrorism" and I blew up his phone. He told me he gets really frustrated when I blow up his phone and he wanted to stop talking to me because of my drama. I have to admit, work has been extremely stressful and I've taken it out on our relationship. I asked him for a 2nd chance so he could see that I'm not usually like this and he said he'd think about it. I don't want to lose him because he makes me happy. He said he wants to focus on school and his daughter and I continued to agree with him, saying I understand and that I'm committed to med school and work, and that I don't want a relationship but I want him. I love him.

How can I fix what I did? I'm a pretty attractive girl and I'm a good person. Would the no contact rule help? How can I get him to be crazy about me again?


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  • Play it slow like he wants. If your relationship is currently just about sex but you want more, just be patient. Maybe casually hooking up here and there might prevent you from losing him.
    I didn't understand the blow up phone part but I'm assuming it means you text him a lot. If that's the case minimalise how much you text and call him.
    Kind of stay quiet but remind him that you're there once in a while.
    Try not to take out stress on others, I know sometimes you don't realize it happens but it can be very hurtful.

    Do you actually want a relationship?


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  • Just give him some time. A similar thing happened to me recently. I got clingy on a guy, he lost interesnt and I backed away for like 2 months. Then I invited him out one night and since then he has been back in my life and very different (in a good way!). I showed hom I'm less clingy by giving him tons of space and then when he came back I try and avoid making the same mistakes.

    • Did he come back to you? It sucks how we do that, lol. The stress makes me clingy, it's definitely something I need to work on. He told me he wanted to stop "us" he said he wanted to be friends, but after I asked him to rethink it, he said he would. I'm not sure if he's just trying to be nice. Lol

    • @Asker

      Yes he came back!! Since meeting up again he is kind to me and a whole new person. So don't give up!!

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  • ''that I don't want a relationship but I want him. I love him. ''
    I don't get this part.

    But anyway, leave it rest for now, and let him contact you when he is ready, any more texts from your side will only make things worse.

    • I guess what I mean is that I'm so busy, and putting a label on things makes them more serious and I don't know I guess I'm not ready for serious.. I'm not even sure what I mean by that. I just don't want to lose him. He kind of broke up with me but told me he'd think about it.

    • You love him, but you don't anything serious.
      You don't want to lose him, but you don't want a relationship.

      Stop labeling or categorizing it, you want him, End of story.

      Only chance I see is if you let him breathe, let him miss you and let him contact you again.
      Good luck.

    • I don't understand it either. I'll give him some space, thank you. :)

  • I don't believe in this no contact BS. You want him but not a relationship. How does that work? He wants to focus on school and daughter and you on school and work. That moves both of you to third place in priority. I don't think either of you could be with anyone because of your priorities

    • True, but I want him. I guess I would want some kind of relationship, but I want him to miss me. How do I get him to miss me?

  • Find someone els my love...


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