No girl wants me:(?

i dont focus on girls i usally do my normal things like go gym and that but im always the guy without the girl when im with my friends. I talked to a girl she didn't reject me she made a fucking joke out of me now im not so confident on talking to girls what did i do wrong im sure i was restpectful. is it cause i look fucking ugly or i sound like a retard i guess ye have to see me to juge


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  • Just learn to not give a fuck about other people, problem solved.

    • ya it happened more than once

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  • You are young, you have plenty of time, and girls your age usually dont really know what they want. Just keep being working on being a great person and dont get down about it. Reationships at your age dont usually last long so you are better off waiting until they are more meaningful anyway.

    • im nearly 18 just giving you a better idea of my age ya i guess i see my friends whit new girls every week

    • Yeah 18 is still young. I'd say that some people start having serious relationships in early 20s bit not many... for most it is mid to late 20s.

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  • Your under 18. It is too soon to be saying no girl wants you. Many girls and guys under 18 have never had a boyfriend or girlfriend. Some girls will be mean, nasty are say and do offensive things to you and others will be nice, kind and caring. Don't let the bad girls change your view on all girls as that will only make it hard on yourself and not all girls are bad. Just focus on school you have plenty of time for girls.

    • few of my older friends have plans on bringing me out to mental spots for my 18th might meet someone then

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    • really i feel the way i talk sound retarded

    • Honestly it is the right way to think. If you go out of your way to get a girlfriend and everything you do is only focused on getting a girlfriend and not what you want personally it will make you look desperate to girls and girls hate desperate guys. It sounds like you just do you thing, what you want to do and if you meet a girl you do, if you don't you don't.

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