Can a guy have feelings for more than one person?

My boyfriend and I were dating for about two years in the beginning of July. You're gonna need a bit of background on him. We are in our 20s and he has never had a serious relationship until me. (So he says). He used to live a wild life style with like sex all the time with random women, in groups, whatever Anyway, while we were dating he Never wanted to have sex with me. So we went, a long time without sex. I noticed he started texting someone everyday, and it was his best friends wife. I was like, "okay that's weird" and I asked him not to text her everyday because it's weird. And then he got angry and broke up with me. He told her he can't live without her in his life, a comment he also said to me. Her and I are "friendly" not friends though, and she screenshoted what he sent her. So months later, we are talking about getting back together but I told him we need to be honest with eachother about everything. And he tells me he has feelings for his buddy's wife, and doesn't know if it will go away. And this is really bothering me cause like, I understand having an attraction to your best friends wife, but FEELINGS are different. Help? Ps. He's still trying to get back together with me.


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  • Don't waste your time. Move on. Life's too short for that kind of crap.

  • This is his problem, not yours. He either needs to leave her alone, or confront his friend about it. I'm surprised the friend doesn't know about it since the wife knows. Either way, if he's trying to get back with you, its more than likely not for a relationship, but simple companionship because he can't have the girl he wants. Kick him to the curb. He needs to get his shit together.


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