How to fix something u really want to work out with someone?

My boyfriend isn't speaking to me i screw up badly this is the first guy i actually had a relationship with in person we hung out everything was perfect until i started having doubts he would leave me i doubted 3 times in one week he would leave because most of my relationships didn't work due to distance and depression So i broke up with him he really didn't want it all 3 times and won't answer my messages im not use to someone liking me for me and doing good stuff for me i was happy we get along great he keeps saying he doesn't want to loose me then at work after this said there's nothing asuring him if we got back together i would stay he said its not that i dont want to be with u but thats the main reason why and he's hurt please be nice about this i really like this guy


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  • when u say distance do u mean u were distant/he was distant... or actual distance (livin faraway from each other)?

    anyway he says he doesn't wanna lose u (maybe he could say it in order to comfort u) but he doesn't answer... probably he wants some space for now and time to think about it... better during this time u should go nc, without sendin anything... till he decides


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