Why I never get someone I love?

I'm a shy introvert. Whenever I meet someone I'm attracted to, I become so quiet and super shy around them. So, I end up loosing the guy to someone else. I even have to witness him flirting with other girls (who're mean to me). It happens with all the crushes I have.

My hobbies are reading books, watching movies, etc. But I'm always attracted to adventure-loving outgoing guys. People say I'm attractive. But I think I have super boring personality. At this point I'm so heartbroken and wonder if I will ever meet someone who will like me back.

What am I supposed to do? :'(


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  • OkCupid.

    Seriously, give online dating a shot. You'll have to wade through a lot of people you don't like, especially if you're attractive, but you might have better luck. You write well, and maybe you can get over that awkward phase by getting to know them a bit online first.

    • (I met my current girlfriend on OkCupid, hence the recommendation. We're a fantastic match, and we'd definitely never have met otherwise.)

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    • There's a pretty sizable OkCupid community on Reddit, if you ever want some help with your profile.

      But yeah, just answer plenty of match questions, and answer them as honestly as you can, and you'll find a bunch of people who you'll probably get along with. Good luck!

    • Really appreciate your help, again. Thank you so much!

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  • I'm a introvert as well. 28 and single. With a heart of gold... So id like to think.
    My advise is ill advised... But id still like to believe is the person is right they would realize it and do their part to show the appreciation that you truly deserve.

    So for you ill go out of my bubble and tell you to try you're hardest to make sure he knows you have interest in him...

  • try relaxing, your young, enjoy life, you say you like the outdoor type guys, then get involved in some outdoor stuff, no point being with someone like that if you cannot share in the activities , find an outdoor activity you enjoy doing and take it from there, then that way you can chat about the activity and not worry about getting all shy

    • just curious, what do you mean when you say fun girls?

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    • Your comment makes me feel better. When we hang out, he only talks to her... they tend to touch each other's arms and legs when they talk and they flirt too :( He invites her to visit his place and all. Clearly, he likes her and he doesn't care much about boring me :'(

    • Then it is time to move on. Have you seen sense8 yet

  • because I'm unapproachable

    • I tried to talk to them and all... but I'm just not like those "fun" girls and not a good talker too :(

    • I just realized I answered the wrong question. sorry

    • haha that's alright :)

  • You sound pretty interesting to me

    • Thank you. Your comment makes me feel good.

    • Your welcome😃 i'm sure you'll have better luck with guys that are a little older than you and think that it's cute your shyness and you won't sound boring to them

    • I do hope too :( Thank you so much

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