Do I go or do I stay Home?

My question... I'm in a Long distance relationship and my boyfriend has been under a lot of stress latley. I planned a trip to go see him this weekend. Over the last couple of days I have said that I will see you in a couple of day or See you Thurdsay night. I have even asked him if it ok for me to come see him this weekend. He has not responded to the question or said anything about me coming or not. He has texted me several time after I have made the comments. I plan to leave today and was wondering do I go or do I stay home. any advice would be great. I don't want to show up and add more stress to him but I don't want not to go what if he is expecting me?


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  • I would ask him straight out is it okay for you to come?


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  • Hmmm i think you should go... because at least you know if he wants you or not then... if you turn up and he says something crap, leave and end it. he's not worth it... but if he's pleased to see you then you win all round x

    • That's kinda what I'm thinking he has had many opportunity to tell me no... so I'm going to take the chance it will be good or bad but at least I will know where I stand with him. Thanks you for your advice.

    • let me know how it goes... I hope its good though!

    • me too... very nervous... it will be a long ride home if ti doesn't go well...

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  • Why don't you just give him a call and say you need to sort travel arrangements so need to know if it is ok to come see him. If he is busy you can always rearrange a time on the phone.

    • I did call went to his voice mail... he is in meeting all day today...

    • How frustrating! I guess i would wait until i heard a yes or no until i left just in case i turned up and they didn't want me there.

  • I don't think he wants you there,
    it can either go really bad or really good

    I personally don't like being around people when I'm under a lot of stress

    • If he didn't want be there do you think he would have said... he had many opportunity to say something...

    • if you are a sensitive person, I don't think he'd say anything.

      Just call him and ask him, it will settle a lot of uncertainties

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