Girls, Have you had this situation in the past?

Have you approached a Random guy for conversation, but gave an excuse to NOT give your number when he asked for it.

If this situation has indeed happened , why did you approach the random guy for conversation and why did you not want to give your number when he asked for it after the conversation?

Your voice of opinion :)))


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  • Because after talking to them for a bit a girl might realize she doesn't like his personality.

    • Thanks :) Have you personally approached a Random guy you were attracted to, but never gave him the number when he asked for it?

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    • I am just asking :) If you approach a random guy do you think of giving your number or just chatting with him?

    • Somtimes. Sometimes not.

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  • Beacuse every conversation doesn't have to be motivated by trying to get with that person.

    • Thanks :) If a random guy is being approached by quite a number of girls, but fails to get their number when he asks them, what's wrong?

    • What do they talk to you about?

    • They seem shy/nervous and then slowly ask about myself and tell a bit about themselves. Make eye contact a lot and look nervous.

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