How to react to a guy who doesn't like PDA?

My guy has a problem with PDA, he only will hold my hand but anything beyond that he just refuses to give (all I really want is for him to kiss me when he greets me, even if it's a peck on the cheek). I used to initiate the PDA and kiss him on the mouth but recently when I was in front of other people and went in to kiss him on the mouth, he moved his head so that I kissed his cheek instead. He really hurt my feelings and I felt so embarrassed, it felt like such a rejection. I've brought up the PDA issue in conversation but all he said was that he was a big prude and that he doesn't mind if I kiss him. But, I don't want to give kisses to someone who doesn't appreciate them or who feels uncomfortable receiving them. I've since stopped kissing him when greeting him because I don't want to feel that same rejection but I just don't know if this is the right way to react.


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  • I thought this would come up during the pre-relationship stages. I don't think with me (being a kiss-touchy guy) I could be with someone who doesn't do PDA. I understand the embarrassment and rejection. You have to accept it over move on. Because this will always make you unhappy.


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  • What does PDA stand for? And if the guy doesn't want to do it then move on.

    • Public Displays of Affection

    • Ok thank you. But I think you should move on from him, unless you want to confront him about it.

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