He is engaged now ! But still tries to “be" with me ?

Okay so I know I should leave this guy alone.. But I guess it's because I have feelings for him.. I mean I know its wrong , and I'm not this type of girl who is a hoe, home wreaker, and I know better. I just I don't know we have been talking since September , let's call him Jim. Me and Jim met at work and when I got out of my previous relationship started dating.
I should had known sex would probably ruin the relationship. maybe because it was good that's why it kept happening.. We would be together all the time mostly everyday going to different places , hanging out with his friends and family. we were close , and he wasn't just someone I was dating , he was kind of a friend as well since I'm new to town.
He would occasionally try to break things off , I would wonder why and he'll come back. but to get to the point he has a baby mother and he has a son with her and he takes care of her son that she had on him ! He said that he does it for his son but I knew it was more to it. so I finally met this girl and she was telling me how he wants to marry her, and trying to get back with her. I leave him alone , talk to him , then break things off with him after 2 days from sleeping with him. then about three days later he proposes to her !! Surprise surprise she says yes !
I told her about everything.. Now she flashes the ring around. but little does she know he keeps trying to see me , takes me on dates, and keeps telling me how he is not happy because she has not “changed" wants the old her back, and only keeps it going for his son and so he can have his family.
I understand that but why is he keep coming back to me? Telling me this stuff , trying to sleep with me, and keep coming back to “check" on me when me or him breaks it off. he told me its because he “misses" me 😒 please help. I hate that I'm in this especially since my feelings are still involved. Sorry its so long.


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  • Your heart should be telling you he is a self-absorbed asshole and is playing the both of you. You have to think about having stronger feelings for yourself then for him. This is only going to end badly. Cut off all non-work contact with him. Be strong.

    • Thank you for being real with me. this is what I need to hear especially from a guy I guess. He also made plans with me for tomorrow to spend the whole day together. Should I say nothing , or behind tell him its over?

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    • Don't be embarassed I knew he would try again to spin his web around you too keep you hostage but you stayed strong. Your life will be better for believe me. I'm proud of you.

    • Thank you so much, yeah I'm glad its over and I didn't stay around to see what happens. thanks for the advice it means a lot to me.

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