Reasons why guys lose interest?


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  • Girl can't respect boundaries in an intimate relationship. Becomes controlling or demanding in ways she has no right to be. Basically lack of respect.

    • Wow have you experienced this with more than one woman? Begat are these boundaries they aren't respecting?

      I'm sure men have thought me a bit batty when I get the feeling they aren't into it but won't tell me. I value honesty so it does kinda drive me up the wall when a guys says one thing and his actions say another.

      I've learned to walk away though now as opposed to fighting it out to a bitter ending. Women know when something isn't right. It's a gut feeling.

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    • LOL okay thanks for the response. I hear you on the bit about wanting to know where you are all the time. That is annoying when men do it as well. By moving in I'm assuming you mean they start trying to form a pile of belonging at your place?

      I know this is scary to some guys. I usually carry my gym bag in my car thus I don't need to even leave a toothbrush BUT some guys think it is really weird that I carry a bag in my car like I'm a travelling slut or something. Feels like you can't win sometimes but yeah I usually wait for him to provide the toothbrush and offer it before I leave anything (on purpose).

      I've heard a lot of people more experienced in dating say they kind of set the ground rules around the third date (or before sex) of if either of them are seeing anyone else or if they are the kind of person who is not okay w/ seeing multiple people. I think establishing this early on would keep most normal women from developing this behavior but it is a tricky conversation.

    • A tricky conversation indeed. I suppose I take the point of view which a lot of men accuse women of having. I don't 'correct' misbehavior because I don't want the woman to put on a front and pretend to be something she's not because she thinks that's what I want. I drop hints and looks but I don't correct, I don't tell her how to behave because I want to know what she is really like before I decide if we have any future together.

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  • I think when one loses interest it's just most people get used to each other maybe they need some time away from one another or could seeing too much of each other ,

  • Depends on what interest...

    If it's the chase... it's because we get tired of the game and the bullshit.

    If it's the relationship... It's like achieving a goal, once you do it, it becomes less thrilling. (Also the bullshit can damper things)


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  • Seems like it's usually because...

    1.) Another girl came along and outshined the other one. She caught his interest more than the other girl. Even if she's an ex. ESPECIALLY if she's an ex

    2.) The girl turned them off somehow.

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    • @Asker I think that' declaring you must have been a "place holder' is reading too much into it and being too sensitive. If they never liked you in the first place then they never would have even spent any time on you at all. Yes, you may have never officially had their hearts and that's fine. That's the purpose of dating to see who is worthy of captivating your time, interest, effort, and energy for long term. You can't just assume that just because a guy gets your number and dates you for a bit means that "you have him."

    • Sometimes it just doesn't work out. You can't take it so personally :/

  • The chase is gone
    They've met somebody else

  • -getting nowhere
    -loss of attraction
    -someone else
    -change in character


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