Guy into a date with me and when I propose the date he ignores me? please help me!! :(?

I met this guy on tinder in December. He really wanted to meet me but because I was new on the app I wanted to wait before meeting a complete stranger. We became friends on facebook, talked a bit but because of several problems that made my life very hard these past few months I didn't have time to talk to him. I have to admit I was also talking to some others guys but it never worked out. It was hard because I was experiencing a lot of trouble and then it never worked out with the others and I had also him in my mind. In May I decided to give the guy the chance he deserved and really wanted to go out and maybe see if there could be something more. I felt so happy he was still into doing something because I didn't deserve it actually. So he answered positively then and after the exams we were supposed to do something. He once sent me later a very friendly message so after some time I asked him how his exams went and his answer was colder but I just thought it was because of the stress caused by the exams. I After the exams I hoped to ask him out but he was never online so I finally didn't. I've been abroad on holiday myself too and came back 2 days ago. Because I'm two weeks now in my country I decided to ask him out. I was very excited because I thought he really wanted this, he liked my recent holiday pics and I really wanted this and most important I was ready. I sent him a message yesterday, he saw it but didn't answer. I just don't get it. it breaks my heart. I mean I kind of deserve it but why did he do all these things before? I'm thinking that he might answer later in a few days but I feel stupid thinking. It feels like karma is striking again. Can you please give me all of your possible theories. I want to give it some more time before I close this chapter. It might hurt a little bit longer if I do but right now it seems right. #pleasehelp #weirdguy #datingadvice #hesignoringme #butseemstolikeme #hurt #dating #date
He finally answered after a week... we're going on a date!


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  • I think he lose attractions, attractions does have an expiration date

    • Indeed it doesn't have an expiration date. But I don't get why he liked the pictures not even 5 days ago? If I don't really care about what somebody posts or a post with a certain person tagged in I'm not going to like it.. I just don't get it.

    • He hard to move on also

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