Are most people on dating sites for validation?

I'm not ugly, but I'm not extremely good looking either. I posted a picture of myself recently and I got a lot of good feedback from both girls and guys (no homo).

Anyway, I'm just wondering whether most girls/guys who frequent dating sites are only there for validation?

It seems that way because even though I send good initiations (i. e no boring messages), I don't get a lot responses.

Out of 5 or 6 girls I found attractive, only half answered.

I really want to meet that special girl... a white brunette who is both bubbly and cute... brown eyes, pale-ish skin... I don't really mind about the height.

With this sort of facial structure preferably.

Are most people on dating sites for validation?


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  • lol that girl is very good looking and i can tell you, i have done online dating and got 100+ messages a week so i being different than most women sort of got turned off by it, but it gives you an idea, basically that girl in the photo is going to get at least 100+ messages a week or emails, so maybe just try to take that into consideration.

    guys online go so bad for looks and just reach out to all the attractive women till someone bites and the women just sit there and delete messages till the most perfect guy is found.

    • I tried online dating mainly because I had never tried it before - not because I was having a hard time meeting women offline lol!

      @BetMacklinFBI speaks the truth I think. Online dating is like a sieve... you only want the best of the best for yourself.

      I mainly go for girls who are my type, not necessarily the most attractive. If she has a nice cute smile, nice eyes and some good hair to go with it, I'll probably go for her. You'd be able to see what I mean if you checked my profile.

      And you're totally right about girls receiving 100+ messages in a week no matter how they look really.

      I think 3-4 girls have initiated contact with me ever since I begun.

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    • My advice is pretty something you've already heard a lot: go for the guys you of course feel attracted to, but also those who don't rush and seem genuine and enthusiastic.

      If a guy brings up things in your profile, seems genuinely interested in it all and tells you about him... he's worth it.

    • ok thanks :)

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  • you probably don't get a lot of responses because people who date online are literally looking for the most they can grab at, the best they can possibly get, and even then they still have the "grass is greener on the other side" mentality.

    • I think you've hit the nail on the head. Even I go around looking for the best of the best lol... because ultimately that's what we all want for ourselves!


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  • I don't know about most but there are some


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