So, I'm going on a OKCupid date tomorrow, but I'm not sure how long I'll be in town for?

I don't really date that often, but I met this girl on OKCupid. She said I have an amazing smile, I returned the compliment and we started talking. Anyway, we are going to see a movie tomorrow. I told her I am interviewing for a couple jobs, but I haven't said yet that the chances of me staying in the city are pretty slim, seeing as most of the jobs I'm applying for are out of state. I don't want to start something and then immediately move away and I don't want to disappoint her or upset her in anyway. There is a chance I may be staying in town but the odds are not in my favor.

Granted, this is only a first date, but what should I say about it? Especially since I don't know this girl which makes me a little more nervous..


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  • Dude chill out. Why do men always rush and plan relationships ahead. You don't know if you'll even be in one when you get the job sorted!

    And a film at the cinema? You should always be thinking of active dated like bowling when you first start seeing a girl. Cinemas won't give you the chance to talk and interact physically.

    I recommend you slow down and let it all come naturally like it's supposed to.


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