I want him Back, Advice Please?

I don't know what to think, I was talking to this man for about four months and 2 and half weeks ago was the last time I talk to him. I told him there was lack of communication and convenient for him and that it seem like I was the only one who was interested he texted back saying someone of that I might true but I have my son with me and I talk about it, so I told him to contact me back later that night so we can talk about it and the next day I called he did not answer so I deleted him off of facebook because I was mad he didn't answer his phone. Long story short couple of days go I accidently send I blank text and I was so mad at myself because I did not know if he thought I send that on purpose or what. Also I did not even send a text saying sorry about that blank text because I know that would made it worse. He didn't replied back to the blank which is good because that's not how I want approach conversation with him. But thing is I miss him and I want him back but I honestly do know if he will ever contact me. I just need advice on what to do I miss him :(
I need advice please


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  • He is not interested and has moved on, so should you.

  • He doesn't want you back. Take the hint and keep your dignity intact


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