How should I go about trying to make small talk with cashier girl at restaurant?

i meet this girli really liked at a restaurant near where i work , i don't really go in there that much but seen her there a few times this summer and sometimes try and talk to her when i'm paying as she seems to be around till area or doing my bill. i've tried to make small talk and got some smiles out of her and feel she is more interested in me than when we first meet. i'm still not sure how to go about things or if i should be more open about my intentions with her? or what exactly to try and talk to her about? i also found her online but didn't add her yet as didn't feel she'd be ready or she might wonder why i added her , i'm just frustrated cause i've had the hots for her since may and nothing has happened yet


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  • I don't think you should bother her at work. Maybe just give her your number or your FB and ask her to hit you up.

    • but she's bored at work most of the time , its a pretty uneventful place she works at , think me showing up is one of the more eventful parts of her day , its not really that busy of a place a lot of the time

    • Still she has to be nice to you when she is at work. It's hard to know if she likes you or she's just being friendly because it's her job. Give her the option of talking to you outside of work and see if she takes it.

    • she wasn't there today so I didn't get a chance to try and talk to her. I agree I need to talk to her outside of work somehow but never see her anywhere around town

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  • Don't. we really hate that.

    • so far she seems to be enjoying the attention but I agree there is limits when at someones work how much you should try to talk to them

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