What do guys look for in girls?

Do guys prefer something in girls or like hate something girl do...


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  • Femininity is key :) You could be not that attractive but have a very soft feminine voice, feminine body, do only feminine activities, be very different from us guys, don't talk much, try to look beautiful even if you aren't, be nice, submissive and caring, follow my lead but also don't do things you don't wanna do and express your thoughts when you think it's necessary. Achieve this and a guy like me would no only feel very sexually attracted to you, but also would replace with any other girl in the world. I would like to insist on the voice though, it's really important and it instantly attracts a guy.


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  • That person in your photo has been used 100 times. If you're gonna catfish don't use a popular person.

  • Nothing. I want them to stay away and fucking leave me alone.


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