Ex boyfriend snapped on me out of nowhere? Please help?

Heard rumors from his brother that he wanted to get back together, but after seeing me in public with my new boyfriend of a few months a few times recently I wasn't sure how he felt. My boyfriend now is trying to push me into marrying him and it's making me uncomfortable, hence why I recently sent my ex a nice letter asking how he was doing and sent him some old photos of me from when I was a child (I figured it would be a good way to open up a nice conversation in a way that says I truly want to get to know you and be friends again). Suddlenly one night a few days after I sent the letter I get a knock on my door at 10, and a week later around 11. I didn't make it to the door either time in time because I had been sleeping. I facetimed him after my neighbor told me it had been a a black camry (my exes car) both times. He didn't answer my facetime and then snapped on me out of nowhere, and I mean nowhere. I hadn't even talked to him IN MONTHS. He said we were broken up and had no reaason to be talking, that he would call the police and sue me should I send him anything or contact him again. I cried hysterically. That was so mean. I have not contacted him, and have always been nice to him since he broke up with me last year after an argument. I have not in any way shape or form been stalky or weird! Why did he say this? What would compel him to slip a switch on me? I need honest answers. I'm so shaken up and upset. Thank you in advance...


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  • Respect his wishes and get over him. You're exes anyway, so why should you care?

    • If you read what I wrote you would understand why I care. You're supposed to give me feedback, not be a jerk and be insensitive.

    • I did read it.

      Guess I figured out why he broke up with you.

    • Because I call out trolls on the internet, oh totally!

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