How do you think you'll handle your daughter dating??

Its gonna come some time if you have a daughter so how will you deal with it?


-should there be a age to date

-are you gonna have "the talk"

-what about birth control


-maybe she wants a vibrator or is that even something you wouldn't let her talk to bout because she's not comfortable with you

-can she wear thongs

-what about clothing


WOW some really interesting views its amazing how we all think different

(no answer is wrong or right)


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  • I'd teach her everything she needs to know. Give her whatever she needs(birth control, sex toys, etc.) However if she screws up and ends up pregnant she's on her own. I've seen what happens when parents help their children when they mess up and I'm not letting her put a damper on my life with her own bad decisions. I will probably emphasize in these exact words, "Live your life, but if you end up pregnant that is where you're out on your own, because the instant you became a mommy you became an adult." If she got pregnant before 18 I would wait till the day after her 18th birthday and give her $1000 for a quick place to stay(a month living at a hotel is plenty of time to work on getting a job or the boy who knocked her up to ante up his part) and tell her "Bye :D".

    My son is different. He can stay, but his girlfriend can't. Before you claim sexism and all that bullsh*t it has nothing to do with sex. It has to do with I'm not having crying babies in my home when I have to work and still live my own life. I had my children and I won't be taking responsibility for anymore. All of my statement said stands for even if she got married. However if she were married than I would watch after the baby when she and her husband can't.

    Of course I haven't had any kids yet, but that's what I would do.

    • I think you still don't get the idea that you re the father, its okay though, someday you will get there!

    • I am not the father of my daughters baby(that I can assure you). I have no responsibility for that child. She does and whoever got her pregnant does as well.

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  • and you're son... ?

    i'll let my kids grow up when they grow up, I'm not going to restrict them from doing so. but if they seem to only be doing something because of peer pressure, I'll talk to them about it, and see where they really stand on the situation. if they actually want to do it, then we'll deal with it. but hopefully I will raise smart children that make educated decisions. and I'll trust them to make decisions, because I raised them. I won't expect the worst, I'll just expect typical child decisions.

  • You know what you have to remember is that we have to change with the times. To hell with it so what of she wants to wear a thong and have a vibrator and go to parties, she'll find out about things like birth control and sex even before you know it.

    Yes a child should be allowed to have a childhood, however look at your own life when you hit those teenage years your going through another phase in your life. At the end of the day you cannot wrap a person in cotton wool forever...theres a time when parents need to take a step back and allow there child/teenager some freedom and trust.

    • Totally agree there needs to be more parents like you

      i mean I think they should be there when the she wants them to or she's majorly risking herselft or someone else or drugs or somin

    • I'm not a parent so things mighyt change when I become one lol.

      I have studied Family law, and it has really changed my perspective!!!!!

    • Yeh what's sad is what's wrong is right sometiems make sense

  • I don't mind if I have a girl or boy. I know I want kids someday.

    if I have a daughter, I'll make sure I'm there for her. my mom wasn't emotionaly available to me earlier on. what I learnt is what I learnt on my own. my hurt, my falls, my mistakes.

    so I think dissing the fact you get a daughter is wrong. the fact that the world seems to deprecia having a daughter is so inhumane-as if girls can't raise their heads.

    I'm someone daughter but in terms of dating, my parents weren't at all helpful

    I learnt by watching and I learnt by mistakes that I have made

    you learn and grow.

    I will give her sugestions. I will want the best for her. I hope that she'll listen to me but I know that when I do become a parent that I won't be an authoritarian one. I'll be emotionally available to my daughter.

    in my family we don't talk about vibrators or thongs or birth control. I'm from a conservative family but I didn't do any sh*t until after highschool when I was more mature anyways.

    if you approach the issue of teaching your children with devotion and empathy, I think that's really all you need.

    I hate how people are saying "I'd hate to have a daughter"-well that's a sign you aren't cut out to have a kid. because I know how it is like to be hated by both my parents for being a girl. that's why I don't feel any connection with my parents at all. I turned out alright. I got scholarships, when I party-I have control & don't let anyone pressure me into long as I teach the basics and keep an eye on my daughter if I have one, she'll know what's right and what's wrong. simple as that.

    • WOW......ime not saying what's better or worse ime not dissing daughters(any female) at all

      when I do have kids I just want a happy and healthy baby

    • I think she was talking about the other answrer not the question asker

  • My mom to do this day has never been emotionally for me and never talked to me about boys or any of that stuff. Which is fine; I learned everything on my own and from experience. I know if I have daughter I'd want her to say I was her best friend. I also would keep it real with her. I think that boys and girls should have certain rules; that doesn't mean you should be ridiculously strict with them. As soon as you start acting like they will start doin' stuff behind your back and ask their friends for the advice that you should be giving them.

  • Should there be a age to date

    - Shouldn't really be one

    Are you gonna have "the talk"

    -That's more of a mom thing but if you have to do it when she's like 14

    What about birth control

    -Another mom thing, just let her know if she needs to get it she can come to you or let her know places to go so she can get it. Should be part of the "talk"


    -Make sure you know where she is and she's responsible and that she know she can always call home for a ride

    Maybe she wants a vibrator or is that even something you wouldn't let her talk to bout because she's not comfortable with you.

    -That is something she will get herself when she's old enough cause that's just weird if she talks to a parent about it

    Can she wear thongs

    Ya let her buy her own underwear

    What about clothing

    As long as she doesn't look like a tramp let her wear what she wants

  • The same way am gunna deal with my son dating! They have to be carefull and not get thier hopes up high!

    no dates before 16 and they can date someone who is around the same age or two years older for my daughter and two years younger for my son.

    I'll have to know what's going on between them and thier dates, cause I wouldn't want my child to get hurt so early... at least untill they re old enough to know what to do! otherwise I will be there for them and guide them untill its time!

    Am gunna have to talk about sex with them openly because one day or another they re gunna want to and I want them to be safe and educated enough about it!

    she can wear thongs if she's comfortable with it.

    she/he can wear whatever makesthem comfortable, as long as she doesn't look like a slut...

    they can go to parties on a certain limit, on weekends!

    • What you will have is a harsh surprise, if you think you will be able to dictate when or who they are attracted to, you are silly out of your mind. Law might be on your side, but the heart is not bound by it and if you want a connection with your children you better rethink your approach there.

    • I didn't say am gunna dictate when or who they re going to be attracted to!!! am saying that no need for dates before 16 because younger than 16 is way too young and older is just messed up, I was one of the girls who dated at 19 and I got pretty messed up because no one talked to me about it ,i had no idea that the guy was using me and hurting me! so I guess if I can be just at least 20% protective with my kids then they re ready to go! plus I still don't have children yet!

  • My children will not be allowed to date until they're 16.

    I'm going to try my best to keep communication open with my children and I'll have "the talk" with them, when I see evidence of their interest in the opposite sex (probably around age 13 maybe younger).

    As far as parties go, I'm not going to shelter my children or put limits on whether or not they can go out. However if I see a problem, I'll not hesitate to intervene. Hopefully, I'll have raised them to choose a good group of friends and be cautious/make the right decisions when it comes to alcohol or other drugs.

    Thongs are fine.

    I would not buy my daughter a vibrator. It's not something I would support as I think that sex toys are to be used by adults only. However, after she turned 16, if she wanted to go out with her own money and buy one then I wouldn't stop her.

    Regarding clothing, as long as I don't see her leave the house with too much cleavage showing...or if she bends over in her skirt and her crotch is in danger of being revealed, then it's a no go. Basically, don't dress in anything extreme or very revealing.

    • I read the first two sentences of post and shook my head.

      Your kids aren't going to be very willing to keep open communication with you if you set such a rediculious law, and if that's only one of the "rules" in your house, I'd hate to hear of some of the others.

    • From your responses Gotc147 I would assume you have no children and by your age it's clear you haven't yet experienced the teenage years. View points etc change considerable once you have children that you are responsible for and you want to succeed.

    • You may want your kids to succeed, but ultimatly they have to make themselves succeed, and the more restrictions you put on your kids the less they will listen to you, thinking that you're holding them back.

  • You can't always control when things come up, and it really depends on the individual. Not all girls want to wear thongs, take birth control, or dress inappropriately. Some things can be planned for, some are better addressed when they come up on their own. It's really not as difficult to raise a girl as some guys seem to think it is--if you monitor everything they do as the things you've suggested imply, you're going to make it difficult for yourself.

  • It seems to depend on what your own feelings are on all of those matters. My parents strongly support abstinence, but I was taught that growing up, so they just trust me. I'm on birth control for reasons other than an active sex life, and I discussed it with my mother. She said something along the lines of "You know what I believe, and I think it is what you believe in too, but if you decide to become active, etc etc, then I hope you will not be afraid to tell me." As far as my underwear choices, I can wear what I want, and they frown on certain clothes, but they cannot control me and except that fact. A conversation along the lines of a vibrator would probably cause her to have a heart attack, and that kind of discussion is saved for people who are not my parents.

  • Oh jesus christ! I DO NOT WANT A DAUGHTER AT ALL! Too much trouble! Boys are easier! I mean I ended up losing my virginty at 13! 13! I wouldn't want my daughter doing that! And seriously when you just tell them they can't go to a friends house or a party she will scream: YOU DON'T LET ME DO ANYTHING! I HATE YOU! I do not want a dramatic daughter I want boys and boys only

    • Teenagers are dramatic no matter the gender. you're fooling yourself if you believe a boy will be hassle free. they don't just scream when they get mad, they punch things, break things, and can be pretty violent in general.

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    • Idk if ide say all grils are drama qeens I knpow one who well lets say she runs away from drama she hates drama

    • That's true but I just don't want to run the risk I don't want a girl at all I hate drama I'm never in it. If I do have a girl well then I'll just be happy and I'll TRY to raise her right I've seen many examples in my family and the boys are always the ones who are far easier to raise then the girls

  • I can see that my dad care about me growing up luckily he leaves all the talking to my mother. A dad should be able to trust her daughter to do these things and if you don't trust her then that sucks.

  • just let the mom handle it all lol

    • Ok I get what your saying to point.......

      but don't you think that if something ever does happen to the mom that the girl should at least be somewhat comfortable to talk about it with the dad

    • Yes, all girls should be comfortable to talk to their fathers (no vibrator talk till she's in her mid20s+ though... seriously!) and it's great that you are the kind of dad that wants feedback on how to establish that.

      But I also think all fathers have a duty to establish trust with their daughter and help her earn it, but maintain a very skeptical 'speak softly but carry a big stick' image towards men and (some boys her age) who dare to get near her. Make the world feel safe and good.

  • I think the best things for a dad to do is just put your daughter on birth control when she turns 14, advise her not to do anything she will regret. And don't ever tell her not to date someone - she won't listen.

  • Talk to her. And tell her if she ever wants a boyfriend that you want her to know. When she comes after school ask her "You see any cute boys in school?" And laugh about it. You could start talking to her abou ttrust and if she abuses she will pay the consequences. When she does have a boyfriend that's when you talk to her about sex. DO NOT say "You better not do that". It gives her the urge. It will come to you when you start talking to her. I'm waiting till marriage to have sex.

  • thungs are a no, no. to me they scream have sex with me. Also if she has a mom they usually do the talk.

    • It's not your right to tell her if she can wear thongs or not, doesn't matter if you're her mother or what.

    • Under the age of 18 you're her legal guardian and you decide what is best for her. If you think she is attracting the wrong attention with her clothing then you do have a say so in it for her best interest. You are paying the bills, you are buying the clothes, and you are feeding the brat after all. I'm sure many of us WISH we were a kid again lol. So much less to worry about =)

    • See my answer. As soon as she can start buying her own clothes she can buy whatever underwear she wants, parents can't decide what they're kids do with their money unless the kids let them.

  • My fiance and I had this talk before, he told me he will never allowed his daughter to date or dress slutty ...

    • Yeh I mean ile let her date but if she even walks near the door dressed semi provoctive no way will she go

  • I won't let mine date too early, like age 10. I'll let her hang with boys though, she can start dating but not seriously dating around 13. I am not going to have the talk as embarrassingly as my mom gave me it. I learned before she told me, and I knew a lot, so I think I will inform her about it via the internet or a book. Let her learn for herself, but not so much as she goes out and gets hurt by a guy. Birth control I will tell her about, and if she wants pills I will let her get pills. Better that than having a baby. She can wear whatever she wants, as long as it's not too insanely revealing, and she could talk to me about anything. As for vibrators, sure if she wants one she can have one, as long as she's old enough. It's all about letting them learn for themselves so they don't rebel, but still guiding them enough that they don't get hurt.

  • How do you think you'll handle your son dating?


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  • Some of these answers really make me wonder how creative the next generation will be in decieving their parents.

    Is there a certain age either a son or daughter should have to wait for before they start dating, definitly not, that comes naturally to the person and everybody grows up at different rates.

    Having the talk, fathers tend to talk to their sons and mothers to their daughters, if at all. To be honest, probably early teens is when that would happen, again, if at all.

    Birth control is for her mother to tell her about while my son gets a box of condoms.

    Parties, I'm not going to be a hypocrite like so many others here and say no parites or no parties before a certain age, I'm just going to tell my kids to text me every couple hours or so so that I know they're still breathing.

    Sex toys they can get with their own money whenever they feel like it, it goes into the whole everybody grows up at their own rate thing.

    She can buy whatever underwear she wants, as can my son.

    She can wear whatever she wants so long as she's not walking down the street half naked, modesty is up to her (and him).

    I'm going to concentrate mostly on teaching my kids that their life is what they make it, if they want something, to go out and get it and that in reality very little is out of reach. But I'm also going to teach them that for everything they do, there is a consequence and that they better be ready to face that consequence.

    No deed whether is be good or bad goes unrewarded, though reward is not always favorable. best thing to do in life, do what you want so long as the pros outweigh the cons.

  • I'm 31 and I have a son. I know the day is gonna come when I have a daughter and she will wanna date. I love change so that'll be pretty easy for me.

    I will have "The Talk" with her around 11 years of age (b/c by then most kids that age have a good sense of their bodies and the changes have already begun). Age to date would be around Freshman year of high school (14 years old). By the time she has reached high school, their will be a new opportunity for her to become a responsible young adult. Dating is a part of the process of learning how to become your own woman and as a Dad I will have to allow that to happen and not stifle her progress or sabotage it. Birth control, the use of alcohol and drugs and parties would be discussed in "The Talk" because lets face it...the use of drugs, alcohol, partying and sex coincide w/each other and if I wanna give her the "real deal" on how all of those things can make for a bad decision making (and not bullsh*t her) then she will respect my opinion and make smart choice when faced w/them.

    As far as what she wears, I don't want her to dress like a nun. I mean, I would allow thongs, tight shirts and the tight jeans but I would also make her aware of the attention that she will be drawing (negative and positive) and how guys OF ALL AGES will be checkin her out if she's not careful.

    Lastly, birth control, condoms, the ring, etc would be dicussed in "The Talk". As a Dad, I wouldn't necessarily git into detail on masturbation but I would let her know its ok...just don't use it as a form of "sex replacement". Better for kids to be completly educated, than to be told "abstinence is the way". If kids are properly educated, they will know how to make a better decision.

    • "resonsible, caring parent" describes you

      I definitly agree with the clothing parts as long as they are not low cut and short shorts

      idk I mean I don't know if ide sit down an be like lets talk about sex an dating and all but I would maybe CASUALLY bring it up through her childhood barely detials just as she's younger more like no one should touch you there etc and as she gets older get more detialed

  • This is something that has bothered me for well over fifteen years. I do not have any children at present(at least none I am aware of anyway), even at my current age. But having daughters scares the unliving hell out of me. I woundn't know how to raise them, how do deal with them and what to expect of them. When they become teens, I am afraid of being that idiot kind of overprotective father who's ready to literally kill ANY male ages 10 to 99 who comes within a stone's throw of my daughter. Think I won't? Watch me. I bet it will happen quite easily.

    I've always preached about teaching kids what they need to know now and to be forward about it. It's not God's responsibility to watch over your children, nor is it the schools job to teach them everything. But teaching is one thing, trusting is another. In addition, I am just horrified in how I would react if I saw my "babygirl" with a boy, or coming home late, etc. Not that I have a quick temper, it's just a father thing I guess.

    Shows what I know about parenting eh?

    This is one of the many reasons why I don't bother with having a family. I cannot trust that my marriage would survive when 51% of all US marriages end in divorce. I have no confidence in being bless with good kids. Nor am I certain of my abilities as a father. I would try my best, but failing a family is not a good thing at all and never was, I would just hate to drag anyone down with me.

    And here I am surrounded by cute young college girls as I'm working on a new career.

    Oh boy...

  • Age: 14 for "play dates" (movies with a friend), 16 for real dates.

    Talk: She'll probably have that with her mother.

    Birth Control: I'd recommend both pill and condoms. Pill to regulate her period, reduce cramps, reduce acne, regulate hormones, and all the other wonders it works. Condom for STDs.


    - At home: Small groups only (say up to 10people). Strictly no drugs. If there's alcohol I might turn a blind eye.

    - Out somewhere: Curfew of 2am. Do not drink anything unless you made it / opened it. Never drink something you've turned away from. Can ring anytime for a no-questions-asked pick up.

    Vibrator / Masturbation: She'll have a nursing father, a retired nurse grandmother, and a doctor as an Aunt. Bodily functions will be regular conversation, so if she wants a vibrator she'll just write it on the shopping note.

    Thongs: Australian. We all wear thongs. They go on our feet. As for what underwear she wants to wear, that's up to her. I've got no business telling her what underwear to wear.

    Clothing: Nothing that makes her look cheap. I want her to dress with a bit of dignity. I think showing less actually makes you look sexier (to a degree).

    Choice in BF/GF: I'll respect her choice in partners up to a point. If she brings home a racist bigoted jerk then I'll draw the line. Beyond that it's up to her. (I wrote BF/GF because if she's a lesbian I wouldn't fret).

    Choice in Music:

    If she listens to anything by Hanson I am disowning her, writing her out of the will, and making her a ward of the state. Beyond that, I intend to play AC/DC to 'rock her to sleep'.


    Overall, I'm won't be one of those fathers that try (FAIL) and keep their daughters virginal and pure and innocent etc. I won't be one because they never work. You just end up with a bitter child that does it all behind your back.

    I'd rather have an open civilized relationship where there are rules, but they are open enough to be realistic. It's stupid making a rule "you can't date". But if you have a rule that says "you can date, but be home by midnight", it gives guidelines, sets boundaries, and teaches responsibility for actions.

    BTW, here in Australia age of consent is 16, and most people loose their virginity between about 15-18, with girls tending towards the younger side. The point is thinking she'll be a virgin @ 18 is about the same as wishing Santa will bring me a Ferrari.

  • No dates before 16...

    Yes I'll have the talk with her if she's starting to develop interests in boys(prolly 14-15ish) tho if she'd be more comfortable talking about it with her mother, there's no problem with me for that one but it needs to be done

    Birth control when she starts dating, teen pregnacys ruin lives and despite the idea of "my little girl" being with a guy being quite frightning, I don't want grandchildren when she's still in school, again tho I believe mothers might be able to explain it a bit better what she's going through and such.I could know the technical info and all that but the actual experiance with it is just as important in my opinion.

    Parties are fine, obviously if its going to be a party at a friends house there'll have to be some supervision or something... they'll lie about it but if you got a decent relationship with other parents it'll be easier to find out etc :p anyway.. I believe weekends only during non holidays, I might grant the extra day during vacations and such every now and then depending on behavior and what not but it shouldn't be something happening every week of a holiday or something.

    Vibrators are off limits to talk about, she would DEFINATELY not be comfortable talking about that with her dad, I could be wrong but it'd just feel awkward and not just for me.If she wants one, she'll sneak one in somehow or something.

    Theres nothing wrong with thongs

    clothing : I'll allow stylish but too revealing(who knows what style will be at that point) is definately not going to happen.

  • When our son started dating we raised his allowance so he could pay her birth control (and my wife told him why he got more money.

    When I started dating my parents cut my (already tiny) allowance: I could come home to eat and sleep or get a job next to studying and that was it. No talk, no explanation, they just did it.

    Sex ed? Not a subject my parents talked about. I had the permission to read the encyclopaedy and other books.

    If I had a daughter, I'd raise her the same way I'd raise a boy.

    "The talk" shouldn't be a single shameful red eared discussion but just a lot of knowledge, gradually transmitted, starting age 5 or earlier. Sex is not a dirty subject.


    OK if she knows how to handle things and asks for advice or help when needed.

    Boyfriend in her room?

    My daughter would know how to handle the boy.

    Thongs, pff, why not?

    • A vibrator? If she's old enough to use one, she's old enough to buy one.

  • Every time someone approaches the house be it her boyfriend, the mail carrier or even the neighbors dog I'll just run out the house naked [except for a dirty blood stained burlap sack on my head] swinging around an active chainsaw and screaming at the top of lungs. BAGHEAD FTW

    • As for my son.....Every time someone approaches the house be it his girlfriend, the mail carrier or even the neighbors dog I'll just run out the house naked [except for a dirty blood stained burlap sack on my head] swinging around an active chainsaw and screaming at the top of lungs.

    • Hahaha RE4 chiansaw man is definitely the best way to ward of unwarranted guests.

  • Nothing much to do but to trust in her and how you raised her...

    You can't lock her up in a tower or something crazy like that you know. \o/

    Being too strickt will only make her turn on you. Girls can do a sh*t load of stuff behind your back so there's not really any way to control what she does.

  • I'd strongly caution her about casual sex, and the dangers of having sex younger in life. I'd strive her to have morals for herself, not for me and my wife. I'd give her advice for the rest of her life and hope she makes the best choices she possibly can. For all I'll do for her though, only she can make the best of her choices in life.

  • Age: 24 minimum

    'The Talk': Yes

    Birth control: What!?

    Parties: A few yeah

    Vibrator: that's a heavy question bro

    Thongs: No

    Clothing: Girly but not revealing or too tight

    Everything else: We'll have to wait and see but the guys gotta be like Jesus if he's gonna even dream about dating my

  • Age of dating: 18

    Yes gonna have the talk at age 12

    Why birth control when she won't be allowed to date?

    Id rather have my daughter party at my house than some other place.

    Chances are she will masturbate, but is that something I should talk to her about? No

    Thongs are good with certain clothes but she won't be dressing like a slut

    I'll teach her everything she needs to know and try to give her the best life possible. I can only hope she makes good choices but if she doesn't it won't be because I was too afraid to be involved or talk to her about certain things. If she likes a guy she will expect to be treated the way I treat my wife, and that will be a good thing.

    • Yeh I mean I don't think there's a age for the talk just sorta casually in converstaion from a young age and get more detailed as time goes on

      i agree won't let her dress like a slut I look at my sisters friends an think wow your parents.......

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    • Yeh daughter son bioth pros and cons

    • Good luck enforcing that dating age. That's never gonna happen.

  • I'll buy her an MP-5.

    I will tell her: If you reject or leave a guy on height basis, I will disown you.

    "At least 50% of your dates must be men below your height." This is assuming she isn't short.

    Stand up for yourself!

    Be glad you don't have to put your self esteem on the line just to start a conversation with an attractive guy.

  • As long as I do the best job I possibly can as a parent raising her and trying to teach her right and wrong - when she comes of age she will be able to make her own decisions and if I've done well, she'll make sound decisions. I'm not going to be there her whole life telling her who to date/not date. Ill mention birth control and all of that, but its something she'll probably figure out on her own anyways.

  • I'd probably be stressed out all of the time. I would teach her about everything involved with dating and hope she makes the best decisions possible.

  • You need to educate your daughter abt sex, relationships, habits. Tell her its important to hv good education & career. Leave rest to her to decide. Be good friend to her so that she shares her feeling with you freely. Its your job to save & protect her from bad guys who only exploit girls sexually & emotionally. You your experience to find who is good for her. Some time check with her girl friends too. They can take your daughter to bad company. She can wear what ever she likes to wear. Vibrator I would not advise.

  • I have no idea. But she's only five right now. A lot will depend on how she grows up, how she acts, and her personality.

    We have and will always be open about sex with her and both my wife and I are comfortable talking about these things.

    I do, however, joke that I'm buying a gun when she starts dating for the sole purpose of cleaning it whenever a boy is picking her up.

  • I'm probably going to have her mother handle most of "the talk" but we're going to emphasize waiting as long as possible.

    And while I doubt either of us will buy straight-up sex toys, I plan on installing a removable massaging showerhead in her bathroom, buying her an electric toothbrush, and giving her a "personal back massager" so that if she feels the need to masturbate, she'll use those to control her hormones so she doesn't have to sleep with someone just to satisfy her physical urges.

    If she needs to and can be on birth control, that's fine, but we're still going to emphasize the proper context for sex.

  • I'll be a great dad.. til some punk tries to take advantage of my little girl... then it's on... that sucker best watch out- I will not let up once I get my hands on him,

  • I'm gonna bust out a shotgun every time my daughter brings a guy over.

    If he can handle that then I will allow him to date my daughter because he showed me he's a man with courage that can protect my daughter.

    Next, my daughter will only have sex once she gets married. Call me old fashion but that's how I roll.

    If I have a son I will be less protective

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    • Men are stronger than women. Therefore, I'm going to be less protective, because men can defend themselves.

    • Idk man I mean I know some women who ain't scare to get phisical with guys an can fight both mentall and phisicly strengh

  • well every time my daughter decides to bring a boy around

    i'm going to make sure he sh*ts his pants. along with the

    new baggage in his pants I'll also make sure that he will

    never wanna enter my house again.

    • People like you are the reason girls go behind their parents' backs. moron, that's only making the situation worse.

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    • I don't play poker

      i play real life monopoly

    • Ah, so you're a future wall street thief.

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