Is it okay to really miss your boyfriend when you are apart for a long time?

So, my boyfriend and I have been together for for months now. He and I both really care about each other a lot and are always supporting each other. We text every day and usually see each other once a week. However, recently between work, family stuff, and other obligations we have had to go a couple of weeks without seeing each other. We still text every day during that time and, often, the topic of missing each other so much it, sometimes, makes us cry comes up. We both understand that time apart is important and will bring us closer together in the end.

Since this is my first relationship, I am very much in the dark about all things relationship... is this a normal feeling?


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  • yes it is okay to miss them I'm going to miss my boyfriend when he moves to Ontario and I won't see him for over 6 months

  • Of course it's a normal feeling. I think the bought of wanting to be close and intimate with a loved one is very normal (behavioural wise)


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