Will she just be a distant memory for me?

I talked to her for months online and through Snapchat. I saw her in person for two days at best. She was the girl I lost my virginity to and the girl whose virginity I took. In reality, it was a short time, but it seemed like I really knew her.

But will she ever resurface? Will I ever talk to her again? It was a strange ending for both of us, but after all I was also to blame. I became attached and obsessed unlike her. She cut contact with me completely. Blocked me on Snapchat. Ignores calls (goes straight to voicemail). Ignores texts. Has either been deleted again or removed herself from the dating site which we met. It seems like she no longer exists. Gone. But is it best to forget completely? Should I attempt again 8 months from now and ask her to prom? If not, will I ever be able to take a pretty girl's virginity again but this time we both go further and be in a relationship? by the way SHE IS ABOUT TO BE 17, I AM ABOUT TO BE 21 IF THAT EVEN MATTERS. (That is her in the pic above). We made funny faces :D

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  • Give up on it before you get to attached, I know it's hard. I'm kinda in the same situation can't tell if I'm just being used or what, but I know I need to cut it off. Which I suggest to you. There are always gonna be different girls, don't get strung up on this one.

    • Will I ever find another pretty virgin girl or at least one who has only been with one guy before me (sort of like I only been with one girl)? Will I ever be a girl's first love?

    • I'm sure you will, just try not to get to attached to the next girl you meet in case things go the same way this one did. Also make it clear to the girls your with what you want out of the relationship, wether it's just a casual hookup or a long term relationship, it's the same with guys there's always good ones and bad ones it's just up to you to decide who deserves you. Don't give up on it, you seem like a genuine guy who I have no doubt will find someone perfect for you. Just don't settle for anything less than what you deserve.

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