I'm not sure how to approach this situation, help please?

This guy from work and I have been kind of flirting, and we're both in a unique situation; we work in a Special Ed. room helping out with summer school. One of the kids in the class is always on me (he has a huge crush on me, is always trying to get physically close to me, gives me the up and down, has asked me to be his girlfriend, has asked me on dates, etc). Because of this, the guy has been told to stay with me and keep this boy away from me, which he has. We've talked a lot and it's been nice, and he's really cute and so sweet, but there's one problem; he's a Junior in High school, and I'm going to be a Freshman in College. I don't really know what I should do, because I do have a small crush on him, and I don't want things to be awkward at work. I have no clue how to approach this; it kind of irks me that he is two years younger than me. If he were older, there would be nothing stopping me from starting something with him. I'm just really confused about what I should do. Help please?


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  • You r really good people I really apreashiate what u guys do my family is not the greatest and I always failed every single one of my classes stiped goin to school always in summer school u guys made school seem ok kept me out of some bad things thank u :) ok just ask him if he'd like to get coffee one day nothing crazy its fun and u can talk and the age difference is not dad he will get older and nobody cares bout u being older like that u r both really good people and they will c the positive for now just get coffee after work maybe breakfast befor just go slow nothing wrong with it


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  • If you like him, go to him


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