Why is it seen as bad to admit looks okay a big factor in attraction?

As a kid growing up I was always told love was based around 2 steps, physical attraction, and personality, one couldn't overide the other, if a girl was very attractive but a total B, then it wouldn't work, but if she was a sweetheart but plain, again couldn't do it. Love was a rare coincidence when two people like the others physical body and then make it work through personality. I believe that, always will. We have urges and attraction to certain people for reasons we don't fully understand but it's only natural.

However when I admit my preferance, pretty much just a girl to be slender and have a good face, people attack and say I'm so shallow or have high standards etc. Yet I see many 'looks don't matter' girls and even guys say it doesn't matter yet overlook a very good person for someone who is a handsome individual. Maybe they just call it sonething else but I'm sorry that's looks attractong there. Like I said after the looks are passed in inspection then personality comes into play so they do play a big role, but to me love will only ever come if both ends are met, I guess I'm just wondering why some think it's bad to admit/say they couldn't be with someone they didn't think was physically beautiful. If you believe different leave a sensible response please don't turn this into an argument post but I can freely admit looks are step 1 to me but a REQUIRED step. Can you,


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  • Because people are assholes and you shouldn't listen to them. Everyone's so god damn sensitive.


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