Could this work? You think he'll Catch on?

I want to go up to my crush and be like "How should I go about asking out this guy I like?"

Then if he replies something like "Just say, Hey lets hang out!"

Then I reply to him "Okay. Hey lets hang out!"

I'm sure at first he won't catch on and he'll probably say "Yea say just that to him!"

Then I repeat "Okay, So lets hang out!"

Do you think he'll eventually catch on to the fact that he's the one I like? Or should I just walk away on this one?

Well glad it sounds cute... Hope he catches on :)


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  • im pretty sure he will immediately get it unless the guy you like is dumb as a brick

    • I wouldn't say dumb as a brick... Maybe football jock dumb lol

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  • Haha nice, sounds like something I would say cx
    It may not go as planned though... If he really doesn't get it then walk away and ask him more directly next time (:


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  • That sounds like. Cute Idea

    • Lol he's a wee bit of a slow one, so hopefully he catches on after I repeat myself the second time. If not, I guess its best I walk away