Stop thinking about her One Night Stands?

So I'm dating (we're basically behaving like we're together already) a great girl. My experience so far was a relationship for over 5 years, and short "benefit" sex with 2 girls, once with each.

Now she never had a relationship, and only sex with guys sometimes once, sometimes twice, and this bothers me. She's a great girl, and I know now she wants only me, but for some reason it pisses me off so much when my head starts to think in that direction.. I know it shouldn't bother me that much, but it does and I need some advice on how to make it stop. Sometimes I can't stop imagining "where did she learn that", or "if she's willing to give her body to someone that easily, what does it even mean".. Because she's really flirty and so many guys ask her for a date. Again, I know she's only interested in me, so why am I so upset by her easygoing sex life before me?

Help :(


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  • Well, you should be honored. She never gave her heart to anyone but you. You should start thinking this way. It takes nothing to have sex with someone. It takes everything to start a relationship. I also think you get more sexual experience when you're dating soneone for a long time. I don't think she could have learned that much from one night stands.


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  • That feeling doesn't really go away, but it gets less and less intense as you grow to trust her. Her history is concerning to you because you're unsure if she'll simply repeat the pattern the minute she gets bored.
    The fact is you'll never know until she does and the fact is you'll never k ow of any girl is going to do that until she does, but we still choose to date & trust them.

    Personally I'd be very wary about trusting a girl with a long history of one night stands, short relationships and promiscuity. It's a sign of a person who lacks the ability to build lasting relationships, probably has poor conflict resolution skills, more likely to cheat, etc. That's not to say any of this is true for every promiscuous girl/person but your fears and insecurity aren't unwarranted.

    It's simply a matter of using your intuition and deciding if you're willing to take the chance that this girl is different and that her history has no bearing on her ability to be faithful.

    • @Tukindz

      But guys doing it are OK?

    • @jacquesvol No I think trusting anybody with a history of sleeping around and short relationships is stupid. If a girl had asked this question there would be no difference in the answer They'd get from me.

      Slutty PEOPLE are poor investments for long term relationships. Make or female. The longer & more colourful the history, the worse your investment.

  • It will always be in the back of your head and you will keep think about it. It's jealousy, natural.


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