Attraction to guy who's in a in relationship?

Warning and appology in advance - essay ahead!

So I always seem to find myself attracted to guys who are not single. There is one guy in particular who I don't know very well but we really click, more so than I have with anyone before. He seems interested but has a gorgeous (and rediculously overprotective) girlfriend. I'm keeping it simple - I won't be that girl who comes in and destroys a relationship, I won't make a move until he is single - but he keeps making comments as though he is testing how I feel about him.

He seems like an amazing guy, is really sweet and easy to talk to but I just don't know how to take him or what to say when he does start saying things like 'you're my type of girl', or calling me 'bae' like he did the other day - at which point I immediately ended the conversation.

Honestly he is the rare kind of guy I feel like I can relax and be myself around, who I gueninely enjoy spending time with. He's seen me at my worst with no makeup and not showered in days (camping trips FTW!) and I didn't feel embarrassed or self concious for the first time in a very long time.

Girls - what would you do? Again, I don't want to be the girl on the side, or have him dump his girlfriend for me - if he wants to break up it needs to be between them, not because he 'found someone better' or who's to say he won't do it to me down the track?

Guys - what do you think he is trying to get across? Is he just trying to be a flirty f*ck boy and get laid or do you think he could be gueninely interested?
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  • Wait and see if he break up with his girlfriend then make your move
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  • Forget about him and move on, he seems like a dickhead
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Most Helpful Guy

  • stay away for now. Sure, if they break up then go for it, but evne just by being there and being a bit too friendly then you are possibly jeopardizing his current relationship.
    Believe me, no sensible guy would go for a girl who ruined his previous relationship.

    So take it easy, and keep a little in the distance. And don't get your hopes up

    • That's what I'm worried about, which is why I'm keeping my distance. If he starts messaging me I'll chat but keep it short and sweet. Last thing I want to do is ruin his relationship, if he's happy I'm happy!

    • if he contacts you, then you're free to act friendly :)
      Just don't try to force your way into their life

Most Helpful Girl

  • I need to see his pic to read his mind.


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