I've been called a flirt even though Im not?

This is taking a toll on me. I was called a flirt by some girl I was dating ( things end bad, she asked when I last had sex and I stupidly replied sometime after I first met her... Take note we only met each other once but she fell for me). My whole life Id never considered a flirt, just a fun friendly innocent guy who tries to enjoy life. Anyways, she called a flirt and its taking a toll on me. Because of this she sees me as some kind of monster, even though Id could never imagine myself to be a player or flirt. Any help? Im almost at the point where I'l' just think " Fuck it, she's calling me a flirt then thats exactly what I'll Become". Anyone one with ideas to stay being the nice friendly guy I am? I can feel myself changing to the dark side!


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  • whoa relax dude.. JUST ONE gal considers u a flirt... JUST ONE. it's not da end of da world... just hope for one thing though... she won't spread rumors to her friends dat u r flirt... otherwise THEN things will become shitty ;)


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