My girlfriends work?

My girlfriend works in retail, I want to purchase a jacket from the shop she works at and every time I suggest popping in to have a look at the jacket she suggested I should view it online and then she could buy it whilst she is working, rather than me going in person.

Is is this a bit weird?


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  • No it's not weird, does her co workers know you two are dating? Sometimes having S/O come into work can be distracting x

    • Like she comes into my work randomly haha. so that's only why I wonder, I don't know if her co workers do. I'm pretty sure she will have told them she is in a relationship.

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  • You may wind up staying. And that's considered loitering

    • Basically, why does it have to be HER store you're buying it from?

    • 1. She gets discount
      2. Literally only shop that does that particular jacket

    • Ah, so you're using her

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  • eh... maybe she doesn't want to see u together in this shop? strange indeed... and bad if u ask me :/

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