She called me mate? am I in the friendzone?

but she has also called me babe a few times, if u thinka bout it we are actually friends becasue we ain't dating yet..


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  • To Me, "Mate" and not in a Date yet is just like "Dude." However, with a cute name like "Babe," she cares enough about you to throw this around for now because maybe comfy enough to use a pet name, just the same.
    Ask her out and see if she wants to hang out. You will know More in Store once you both meet and find out if it is a Good Greet or just A... Defeat, like in the friendzone.
    Good luck. xx


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  • hang on your aren't dating yet? what are you doing then?

    • we are talking on chat, im going to ask her out in person next week at work cause she ain't in till then

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    • friends, i already stated that in the above details

    • so you arein the friendzone... thats what people these days dont understand... a guy is not put in the friendzone, he creates it. a girl doesn't need a friend she wants a boyfriend so ask her out right away dont wait or you will just make sure it doesn't happen!

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