Can't tell if she likes me and she said she had a friend visiting but it was her ex?

So I met this girl and we have been out 5 times. She came to my house for lunch, I have had dinner at hers, we have been out for dinner and last week spent the day together going to a coastal town.
We have loads in common and get on very well and there is never an awkward silence. She gives good eye contact, the last few times have been a bit more touchy feely, while out walking we tend to brush up against each other a lot. We have hugged but thats as far as we have gone. The last time we were out we talked about things to do in the future quite specific things and I made her laugh a lot through out day we were out for around 9 hours.

This is the message I got off her after our last day out:- Aw thanks hun! I had an absolute blast too. You crack me up! Seriously my abs hurttt! Really really top day, muchos gracias! Xxxx

I believe she likes me from the signals given off but im still not 100% sure. I had planned to maybe kiss her on the next outing but I knew it would be a while before seeing her as our schedules did allow it as she said I have got a friend coming over this week from wed to sat. And I was away the next week. So I wanted to give her space with her friend to catch up as the were coming in from a different but I have found out on social media it is her ex?

If she saw me as just a friend she would have told me it was her ex surely?
Does she like me?
How do I go about this when I speak or see her again now?

Any help will be appreciated. Especially from you ladies!!!


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  • seems like she enjoyd havin fun wid u and all but she avoided sayin it was her X coz u might've thought dat she might try makin some effort gettin back to him or anything similar... but generally seems she likes u.

    anyway forget about "meetin her X" thing.. and don't bring it up better, next time u see her


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