Girls, if a young guy with no hair approached you, would you be immediatley turned off?

I was never exactly a stud with women to begin with, but these past couple years at parties or just around in public whenever I try to talk to a girl I'm attracted to they always instantly seem put off and give me a 'screw off' kinda look or almost an apologetic one. See the thing is I lost my hair, two years back my father passed away and after that I got checked for a serious muscle disorder for several months. The extremely high stress have my body a system shock and caused TE which is where follocles are aged and I lost well over half my hair on my head permanently so I have to shave it skinhead bald. I pull it off very well but I really feel like this is the reason no decent girl picks me or even gives me a shot, and to be fair why would an attractive girl with options choose the bald guy? I understand looks do matter for them, (they do for me and I won't be a hypocrite) and I want to know how young women 18-24 would respond if a guy with no hair, full on cue ball bald approached them. (I'm only 20 myself) And if girls believe the constant rejections are due to the bald head or just my imagining its that.
  • I wouldn't mind at all, bald can be just as attractive to me!
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  • If a young bald guy pursued me I'd give him a shot provided he was nice of course, bald isn't that bad a guy can still be attractive bald
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  • If a young bald guy was talking to me I'd be nice but really wouldn't be attracted, I'd have to politely turn them down bald is a big turn off
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  • If a young bald guy tried talking to me I'd be very put off by the lack of hair, I'd try to find an excuse to leave or just straight up tell him he made me uncomfortable, for me baldness is gross
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  • I had a crush on a guy who was almost bald I was 19 at the time and it lasted till I was 25 and he turned me down... Hair or no hair both can be sexy!

    • I'm talking like pitbull the rapper, skinhead bald, and if I could ask how old was the guy? Was he older than you by much?

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    • this is going to sound bad... he wasn't black was he? haha I don't mean that bad but darker guys seem to get away with it better than most

    • No. He's white. Pale skin, light brown hair and light brown eyes.

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  • This question is asked so often. Please refer to the responses on a previous question.

    • I'm sorry, I did see a how do I look with a guy with no hair but didn't realize it was talked on so much. In a way at least I'm not alone, but losing your hair young can really screw with confidence (as far as attraction at least) in a world where Beiber hairstyles rule

  • Your biggest problems are your insecurity and high standards. Being bald can look hot, but not on shallow picky dudes who are scared of getting rejected by a hot chick cuz they have no hair.

    • For myself I don't care about the hair, I know it doesn't make or break a man. However as far as shallow I freely admit looks do matter, and personality is an important step AFTER the looks step. Love can't occur to me without looks then personality. And to be honest most guys and even girls I know think this way, it's only natural to need to be physically attracted to our partner, because If I wasn't I wouldn't feel anything special for her and that'd be unfair to her as well, and honestly, my standards are pretty much these needs: slender frame, beautiful face. She doesn't need perfect sized bottom or breasts, all she needs is to be slender (unfortunately a lot aren't now) and face to be attractive, they check those boxes and their attractive to me. So my stabdards are unrealistic

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    • I understand that you can't really change your attraction. But since you'll only date skinny white girls who have beautiful face (and add personality rewuirements) , you have to understand that it will be more difficult for you to find a partner.

    • I understand it will be, and I understand girls will have their own preferences as well. but I've seen too many people 'give someobe a shot' and it's clear they weren't interested while the other party very much was and it just wasn't good, they werent really giving her/him the attention they wanted and werent excited about the deal. Like I said I'm not some player type who's trying to fill a scoreboard with girks he's slept with, if I only got one girl who I found very attractive and it worked out and we got married etc, I'd be content.

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