Me and my girlfriend are starting to get into a lot of arguments now, I still love her and don't want to break up, what can I do about this?

The past 20 or so days we go into like 6 arguments. I will admit i got mad at the last one and yelled at her. She never seen me that mad and i guess got scared. 3 days have passed and we barely speak. So today i texted her to come and talk, she is wants to come and talk. My question is now what things can i say so that we won't argue again? cause i can't take it much longer


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  • Analyze why you are getting into fights (not what she says she's fighting about, because that most likely isn't it). Try to find out what is actually bothering her.

    • Well she is really stressed out about her program for the upcoming semester cause she is in her last year of nursing and i guess stressed but i mean is that really causing these problems? should i sit down and tlak to her about nursing or should i just be like "please tell me why you are acting like this?"

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