Think I blew it with a girl BUT she had/ has a boyfriend so I never pursued?

I know a girl and we hit it off straight away, I think there was an attraction between us and we grew close pretty quick, we still are. She always used to hint at going out or doing stuff together, touching, teasing, complimenting and I did the same. I wanted to ask her out BUT she had and still has a boyfriend. Because of this I didn't pursue her which I think was the correct thing to do. Now I feel the spark between us has faded a little but we still get on great.
did I do the right thing?


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What Girls Said 1

  • How long have you known each other? And is she in love with her boyfriend? I mean these are the questions you need to be asking her if you feel you get on great and are questioning weather or not being with her (in a relationship) or being her friend. If you are still getting on great and it's been a period of time... then maybe there's still hope and room for the two of you to be together... open your heart and feelings up to her and find out where her feelings are.. and then you will know weather or not you did the right thing. Also maybe the reason you feel the "spark" is somewhat lost, may lie within this uncertainty, of knowing weather or not you made the right choice in not pursuing her. Hope this helps😊


What Guys Said 1

  • sorry bro but if she has a boyfriend then ONLY thing u can do's being friends wid her... and IF one day breaks-up wid him... then maybe she'll end up wid u... so nope... don't ever think about pursuin her


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