How do I get him to like me?

There's this guy let's just call him Christian

He lives about 25mins away but attends school in another province so i hardly see him.
I met him about to years ago. We started texting but nothing really happened we lost touch but I still had him on Facebook.

Christian forgot all his passwords and decided to make a new Facebook and insta acc. I was shocked when i received a friend request because of how popular he got. He also followed me on insta. Weeks went by when I received a notification saying he liked my picture on both facebook and insta. I found it very weird but ignored it.

Me and one of his friends Ryan are very close. We text each other everyday but i never told Ryan that I knew Christian.

When Christian returned home for the holidays. Ryan started mentioning Ryan in our conversations more and more.

The other day Ryan asked when he could visit me. I told him he'd have to wait until I'm finished with my matric finals which ends in November. He then replied by saying he'll bring Christian along.

I find it weird that Ryan started mentioning Christian in our conversations and that he always finds away to speak about him.

Does this maybe mean that Christian likes me?

If he does how do i get him to tell me he likes me?

(I hope this is not confusing)


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  • Yeah it does sound like Christian likes you but he's too chickenshit to say it so he's using Ryan. Just wait until you hangout with the both of them and Christian will end up making a move


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