Do some guys want to take things slowly?

Let's say a guy found out you had a crush on him. Said guy is shy. He doesn't know the girl at all, like they've had a few conversations. Is it understandable/acceptable that the guy wants to be friends first and actually know the girl? Or does dating work more like this:
1. You're attracted to someone but you don't talk to them.
2. Boom, you ask them out and they either reject or accept.


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  • No, some guys take their time. <--- this guy, for example

    I'd rather have you be my best friend first. Then we can share anything.

    • Do some guys just jump into things? And is avoiding rushing into things rejecting because they don't know the girl well, or is it better like that?

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    • No it's okay. And we're talking about a 17 year old guy?

    • Well, that wasn't in the job description. :P

      But nevertheless, he's a guy. We're hardwired from birth to act the way we do. I've dated 20 years both ways and found the same thing on either side. Society does a nice job of setting standards, which I take pride in smashing to bits. At 17, he's likely to be headstrong. He knows the world and isn't afraid to grab it by its tail. He may not know what he wants yet, though. He'll need support and guidance, while still letting him assert his dominance. From there, every guy varies. I couldn't say more unless I knew him.

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  • There are no dating rules. But typically speaking, shy guys usually prefer taking things slow.


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  • It depends on the girl for me. Some girls make me more comfortable than others


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  • getting to know someone sounds better